7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up On Carbs

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With recent low carbohydrate diet crazes, carbohydrates have received a bad reputation among dieticians.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains carbohydrates as “foods that your body uses to make glucose”.

In other words an organic compound that produces sugar in the body. With the key word ‘sugar’, dieticians and fitness gurus have demonized the dreaded carb.

But is it really the carbohydrate that is making you fat?
We say no, and here are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t give up on carbs just yet.

1. Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

There are 2 sorts of carbohydrates: simple and sophisticated .

Simple carbohydrates can most easily be defined as sugar- whether it’s found in fruit, vegetables or a bag of cookies.

Complex carbohydrates are full of fiber and starches.

The danger with both of these types is added sugar.

Though the sugars that naturally occur in milk, vegetables, or fruits generally have other beneficial healthy properties.

Added sugar, the ones found in processed foods like cookies, cakes, or frozen dinners are the hazardous and fattening kind.

So look out for words on the ingredients list like ‘dextrose,’ ‘molasses’, or ‘dextrose’ and stick with the whole foods.

2. Carbohydrates Are The Main Source Of Energy For Us

By producing glucose- yes, natural sugar, carbohydrates energize us throughout the day. Eating a diet low in carbohydrates will leave you lethargic.

Before grueling workouts or competitions many athletes load up on carbohydrates beforehand. The extra carbs will help them to enhance their performance.

3. Carbohydrates can actually promote weight loss

What kind of weight loss diet is a diet without fruits, veggies, whole grains, or fish?

All these items have healthy carbohydrates in them. Not to mention, you will probably eat less seeing that most of these foods have high water content and plenty of bulky fiber that will fill you up faster.

Complex carbohydrates break down a lot slower than other foods. So, carbs may curb your appetite to stay sated even longer between meals.

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4. Don’t Banish Carbs If You Can’t Stick To Your Choice

If you stop eating carbs only to pick them up later in life, any weight that was lost will be gained back.

Low-carb diets seem to work wonders within the first few weeks as the dieter loses pounds of simple water weight.

Once you begin eating carbohydrates again, your body attempts to store all the carbohydrates to replenish the deficit you created in your system. Therefore, you will gain weight again.

The best way to prevent this is by eating a well-balanced diet. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends 45 to 65 percent of your daily calorie intake to be from carbohydrates.

5. Foods With Carbohydrates Have Fiber: Lots Of It

Fiber has been touted as a healthy and natural way to prevent type 2-diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. It also aids during a healthy gastrointestinal system .

6. Carbs Make You Feel Good

Carbohydrates make the body release the neurotransmitter serotonin or the ‘feel good hormone’. That’s why you feel great after biting into that delicious donut (only to feel awful moments later with the added sugar content).

If regular amounts of carbohydrates are sustained in the body throughout the day, it could as a natural mood enhancer as well throughout the day.

7. Carbs Help Prevent Diseases

Yep — they fight weight gain and that they fight diseases, too. Told you carbs weren’t so bad. says that complex carbs help your body because carb-rich foods are full of fiber, and fibrous foods help your body fight certain diseases.

Fiber also helps indigestion and keeps cholesterol and heart diseases in check .
Whole grains are the richest source of dietary fiber, so if you exercise control and maintain a correct intake of whole-grain calories, says that you simply can help prevent the onset of the many diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart-related problems.

As you can see banishing carbs from your diet should not be your final solution to weight loss.

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