Sproing Fitness : Could Sproing revolutionize our workouts?

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On the upcoming episode of Shark Tank, viewers are going to be introduced to a fresh way of understanding .

Entrepreneurs from Chicago, Illinois are presenting their business, Sproing Fitness, to the sharks, hoping that they see this fresh exercise platform.

On the company’s website, the creators describe the Sproing equipment as being the new treadmill.

It’s a lower impact with a softer approach, leading to fewer injuries or pains. The equipment seems like a treadmill, but it’s actually a dual workout machine, allowing you to try to to both cardio and strength training.

It appears that rather than the elastic band that you simply usually use on a treadmill, there’s a pillow instead, supplying you with a softer landing once you put down your feet. additionally , there are weights, ropes and more, making this an efficient high-intensity interval training session.

It was Paul Toback who thought of this concept , revealing that after years of working with Bally Total Fitness, he knew that the treadmill had to be revolutionized.

Paul, who had previously been the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Bally Total Fitness, enlisted the assistance of his friend, Steve Lenz, who was the VP of Engineering for all times Fitness.

Sproing Fitness doesn’t appear to be equipment you’ll buy for your house . supported the company’s website, it seems that it’s a gym-based business where you’ve got to travel to a location to undertake out the merchandise .

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At present time, you’ll try it out at Lincoln Park, Chicago, Urbana in Maryland, and in River Oaks in Houston.

However, you are doing have the choice of opening your own Sproing Fitness center if you would like . The founders, Paul and Steve, are looking forward to providing an at-home version, which can be why they’re happening Shark Tank.

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